Conceptual Proposals

A small footprint with an expansive affect, the crematorium explores and challenges the notions of ‘public space’, accessibility, and commemoration by investigating current after life options in NYC. 

Nominated for the 2019 H. I. Feldman Prize
Published in Retrospecta 42
Exhibited at the Yale School of Architecture 2019 Graduation Show

The food incubator is lifted off the ground to extend the existing park and physically embody the precarity of contemporary life.

Published in Retrospecta 41 and Vice Magazine
Exhibited at Yale School of Architecture End of Year Show 

At this pristine site, a series of delicate timber structures provide amenities to accompany outdoor ocean pools, illustrating an approach to design guided by natural cycles in the landscape. 

The Australian Institute of Architects, NSW Chapter's

2014 Structures and Practice Award

First Degree Design Award Representative for UNSW

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