The Hills District, New Haven CT


The 2017 Building Project is the first collaboration between the Yale School of Architecture and Columbus House, a local organization committed to serving those who are or have experienced homelessness in New Haven. 


The Jim Vlock Building Project is a renowned part of the M.Arch-I curriculum at the Yale School of Architecture (YSOA), and 2017 marked the beginning of a new era. The school teamed up with a local organization, Columbus House, who provide services to those experiencing homelessness in the New Haven area.


Together, they promised to design, build and create ten long-term rental units at reduced rate for Columbus House clients over a five-year period. 

Beginning in the spring core design studio, first year graduate students proposed individual schemes, which were collaboratively developed, refined and documented over the course of the semester.

Throughout April and May students took shifts working in a warehouse to assemble prefabricated panels which formed the armature for the house. 
As a summer construction intern, I continued to work on site throughout the summer including:

measuring and preparing the site, pouring in-situ concrete foundations and slabs, trucking and craning the prefabricated elements in place, securing and sealing the structure, various interior finishes, installing custom millwork and furniture, and landscaping the garden.

First Floor Plan

We revealed the finished homes to Columbus House clients in the Fall to welcome a young family and single adult as the first residents.  

Ground Floor Plan